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If you want to create funky, original, gritty, weird, or expressive art that tells a story/speaks loudly, I am your girl! I am known for my unique posing and out-of-the-box ideas. I do not model the same as your neighbor, I promise. To see more specifics on my model process click here!

Types of modeling work I provide:

  • Narrative
  • Conceptual
  • Commercial + Product
  • Portrait
  • Figurative
  • Art Nude (NON EROTIC)
  • Dual + Multi-model (NON EROTIC)
  • Fashion + Editorial
  • Hands + Feet (NON EROTIC)
  • Dance + Fitness
  • Expression
  • Bodyscape (NON EROTIC)

Visual Art + Writing

My first love was drawing and painting. I've been creating in these mediums since I was very young. Modeling professionally has helped me to immerse myself in live drawing/painting and hone my skills both in front of and behind the canvas. 

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Creative writing is another passion of mine. I am currently in the process of writing my first poetry book. Stay tuned! 

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Photography + Model Coaching

Need photos or want to get started as a model? I began my modeling journey as a photographer first. Understanding camera equipment, lighting, and pose concepts has propelled my skills as a model. Understanding modeling has propelled my skills as a photographer. It's the best of both worlds.

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I love challenging myself with new concepts and ideas. Have a unique request? Contact me below or for a quick response shoot me an email here!

**Do NOT ask me to do fetish and/or erotic photos. I don't shoot that type of content and will not respond to requests of that nature**



Pricing for Photography + Modeling

  • 0-2 hour rate is $200
  • 2-3 hour rate is $300
  • Half Day (3-5 hours): $400
  • 3/4th Day (5-7 hours): $600
  • Full Day (7-9 hours): $900 

Prices for Boudoir, Glam, and Pinnup modeling + photography (including but not limited to looks in lingerie or partial dress with a flirty emphasis):

  • 0-2 hour rate is $300
  • 2-3 hour rate is $350
  • 3-4 hour rate is $400
  • 6 hour rate is $700
  • 8 hour rate is $1000

One on one coaching (zoom or in person)

  • $100 per hour
  • $450 for a package of 5 sessions (1 hour each)

**All shoots and sessions require a non refundable up-front deposit of half of the total rate upon booking to secure time and place**

I DO shoot in multiple weather situations and environments with some exceptions. If you have requests for shoots that may be more risky or physically and mentally demanding, I may charge more upon request for the shoot. 

Be prepared to wrap up sessions 15 minutes before end time to clean up, cover payment, and sign releases.


-I pose up to art and life style nude. I will not pose for erotic or pornographic content. I am not willing to pose in sexually suggestive manners clothed or not. I do not pose for “strip teases”.

-I do not give permission for photography or art depicting my full labia and/or genitalia.

-All model releases must have a no pornography and no defamation clause

-I will not pose in an erotic manner with other models and I will not pose with another model while they’re exposing their genitalia. Neither party can touch each other’s breasts or pelvic areas for photos.

-I will not pose in areas that are illegal and risk legal ramifications

-Releases are signed at the end of the photoshoot or project after money is exchanged



To Book:

Contact me with your name, portfolio, and location.  Bookings are official once I receive a deposit and details:

-Time and Day
-Participating parties (if applicable; such as make up artists, assistants, other models)
-Services needed



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