Artist Statement

I hate writing about myself, so I'll keep this as quick and to the point as I can. 

My journey with creating art has been...a long one to say the least. Since I was able to pick up a pencil, or carry a tune, I have been creating. I don't remember a time I wasn't making something. Whether it was sloshing paint on a canvas, writing music, taking photos, or moving my body. I couldn't not create. 

I've struggled to make my mark as an artist or pinpoint it's purpose. It wasn't until recently I decided I didn't need to search for a purpose, I just needed to talk. Out loud - *cue the angsty Edward Cullen voice*

Inquisitive of the world around me, often with an affinity for the darkness I see as reality, part of me grew up too fast. The other half stayed a spongey child, soaking up information and getting hit smack in the face with curve balls rather than dodging them.  But I've always had my art. I guess you could say it's my BFF.

Art has guided me through emotions and soothed me when I felt alone. It helps me to make sense of the nonsense that is this life. Through the ups and downs, It is the language I speak before words to show others the deepest parts of who I am. To let others in. To be my most vulnerable self. 

It is the way I laugh, and the way I cry.




*    *    *


I am a Model, Artist, Musician, Dancer, and more.  I would love to work with you! 


If you are interested in supporting my creations and genuinely enjoy viewing my work, you can purchase prints and packages here

Look + Skills

My goal is to create work that breaks barriers and speaks loudly. 

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